Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Following on from Kids Connect ...

Earlier this year we participated in Kids Connect, an annual EnviroSchools event.  Here is a presentation from EnviroSchools about the art work (which as the host school we were very fortunate to have been gifted), the video and the song that were created by students on the day.  


There were lots of things to do on the day and many opportunities to reflect about our actions and impact they have on the Environment.  One of our school values at Eastern Hutt is about Caring for the Environment.   We are learning to Think Sustainably, Act Responsibly and Be Connected.

You too might like to learn the waiata we learnt...

Here is the video that was made...

Friday, 28 October 2016

A Song ...

We are all connected to the earth.  It is up to us to look after it.

Here is a song you might like to learn, all about it ...

Monday, 24 October 2016

G.O.O.S Paper...

These are Misprint bins.  We have 3 around our school to collect G.O.O.S paper in (Good On One Side).  If you have paper in your classroom that you are not going to reuse (always your first option) and if it doesn't contain confidential information (full names, email addresses, assessment or personal information etc), then put it in the Misprint bin.  This paper will be checked again (for good measure), then collected by Misprint, who turn it into very cool notebooks, which are sold for fundraising and in some shops.

We have 3 bins at our school this term: in the interview room (next to the office), in the photocopier/prep room (next to the staffroom) and in the G Block Atrium.  Please use them! 

Friday, 21 October 2016

In The News ...

Today our school featured online on '' and the story will run in print in next week's Hutt News also.

Click here to read the story...

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Misprint ...

We are excited to have joined up with Misprint who will take some of our GOOS (Good On One Side) paper, and collaborate with Wakefields Digital to create sustainable and unique notebooks which are then sold in retail outlets and as fundraisers around New Zealand.  

What sort of paper do Misprint take?
Misprint take any paper that hasn’t been printed on both sides and has space to be written on. Their gold standard paper is ‘semi blank’, or paper that has a small picture or little writing on it. They also take good on one side paper, or anything from a photocopier paper jam. This paper must be non-confidential. 

Normally Misprint will use paper that is A4 or A3 sized. Anything larger, they can organise to be cut down to size. They don’t take anything smaller than A4.

Does repurposing really make a difference to the environment?
Repurposing before recycling cuts down the carbon emissions needed to ship the paper overseas. The water footprint of making virgin A4 paper is 10L per page. That means by buying one of these notebooks rather than one made from brand new paper, you are saving between 130-260L of water!

Not only are their tangible benefits for the environment but we also have the opportunity to reduce some of our recycling disposal costs, help support some young entrepreneurs who make wonderful role models for our students; reduce our recycling; make students and teachers reflect on their own recycling and consider other things they can do with it that  promote sustainability.

Where are the bins?
There are bins in the meeting room next to the office, another in the prep room by the staffroom and another in the G Block atrium.  Make sure that there is nothing confidential on the paper you're recycling, that it's clean on one side and then place in the specially marked bins.  When they are full, Misprint will come and collect them and turn the paper into fabulous notebooks!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Hidden World...

In August 2016 Hutt City Council supported Enviroschools to run Kids Connect for the fifth year. This year 90 students from 21 schools participated in a day focused on sustainability learning and action.  They also collaborated with Ashley Williams to record a music video.  Eastern Hutt School was honoured to be hosts for this special event, and you can see our wonderful school and some of our students (Olivia, Charli, Aadi and Vincent) featured in this video.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Keep New Zealand Beautiful 2016 Awards...

The annual Keep New Zealand Beautiful Awards celebrate our best towns, cities and local heroes, who lead the way with their outstanding environmental and beautification work. These leaders, individuals or organisations, exemplify inspiration, vision, innovation, leadership and action for the environment. 

Eastern Hutt school was encouraged to enter the Awards this year, so Miss Jones and Mrs Pescini and many of our Enviro Warriors and other students from around the school, decided to make a short movie to showcase some of what we've been doing here at Eastern Hutt to promote sustainability and take action for the environment.  It was a wonderful reflective thing to do, as we all realised just how busy we've been as a school, and how thinking sustainably has become so much more a part of what we "just do" here at Eastern Hutt.  We can all be very proud!

Here is the video we made.  Mrs P also made a written submission to go with it, and we used our Enviro and Schoolgen blogs as evidence too.  

We were very excited last week to be notified that we were selected as one of three finalists in the 2016 Sustainable Schools Award category.  The Sustainable Schools Award annually honours a teacher, school or tertiary institution for commitment and practical action to implement sustainable practices and environmental projects which enhance the school and/or community. This award is sponsored by New Zealand Couriers and the recipient is awarded $1,500 to fund environmental educational activities and programmes of the teacher, school or tertiary institution (and not for construction costs, general expenses, salaries, bonuses, or other administrative expenses).  

Mrs Pescini represented our school at the 2016 Keep New Zealand Beautiful (KNZB) AGM, Conference and Awards ceremony in Auckland on the 15th October.  It was a really interesting day with lots of speakers from different groups and organisations around New Zealand who are doing some amazing things. 

Mrs P holding our special plaque ... Sustainable Schools Award

A big thank you to Keep New Zealand Beautiful and New Zealand Couriers for the Award, to the wonderful Enviro team (Miss Hiotakis, Miss Jones, Miss Barkla, Mrs P, Ms Mander & Mrs Henderson) past and present, and our many EnviroWarriors ... in fact ALL the students and ALL the teachers at Eastern Hutt School, as it was your efforts and enthusiasm and desire to make a positive difference that has been recognised with this award. 

Congratulations to the other finalists, and well done to everyone who entered. From Eastern Hutt School.
"Mō tātou te taiao ko te atawhai, mō tātou te taiao ko te oranga"
"It is for us to care for and look after the environment to ensure its wellbeing, in doing so we ensure our own wellbeing and that of our future generations"