Monday, 6 November 2017

Kawakawa Reflection Tree

Last Friday the Enviro Reflection Team were busy working with Micheline. 

They had a few loose ends to tie up to do with the reflection process. Here you can see the group matching the kawakawa leaves which represented the EHS successes to the Enviroschools Guiding Principals. 

They also had to think about next steps. This is a useful resource for the teachers to plan their programmes for 2018.

Monday, 25 September 2017

We are a Green Gold Enviro School!

Last week the Enviro Reflection team were tucked away in E3 working with some of the amazing Enviroschool ladies. 

They had to...
-Reflect on the things happening at our school
-Take the visitors on a tour 
-Evaluate different bits of evidence collected from staff and students
-Look at the 5 guiding principles of a Green Gold Enviro school and decide if EHS were working at this high level of sustainable learning.
There was lots of analysing data, looking at evidence and discussions around our school environment.

But guess what...
We Did It
E.H.S is a Green Gold Enviro School!!!!!!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Rubbish Duty

Some of the boys from E3 and E7 are busy picking up rubbish from around the school. Each class will take a turn at "Keeping EHS Beautiful!"

Monday, 26 June 2017

Only rain down the Drain

E3 read the book Abigale the Happy Whale. It is about a happy little whale and her struggles with human waste. On their way back from the library some students spotted painting around the school drains "Only rain down the drain". We have never noticed them before. 

The kids decided they needed to educate people about the danger of rubbish going dow the drains.

Students designing and creating their own ‘concrete posters’ to share their learning around human rubbish and the impact their mess can have on sea creatures and our community.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Recycled Garden Sculptures

EHS has been a buzz of activity the past few weeks.
The classes have been busy making Recycled Garden Sculptures 
We realised there had been a lot of waste around our school, especially soda bottles after the school sausage sizzle. 

Here are some scary statistics about Landfill Decomposition Rates
Milk carton: 5 years
Plastic milk jug: 500 years
Aluminum can: 80 to 200 years
Plastic drinking bottles: hundreds of years
Plastic bags: hundreds of years
Cigarette butt: up to five years & leaches toxins into the ground
Newspaper: 2 to 4 weeks or longer
Glass bottles: tens of thousands of years
Styrofoam: no sign of ever breaking down

The gardening team were busy on inspecting all the gardens. It was tough but here are the winners...
Junior Garden- C1
Middles Garden- E1
Senior Garden G1 
and the OVERALL WINNER for the most spectacular Recycled Garden Sculpture goes to...... C3!!! 
We were all so impressed with the effort the 5 year olds put into making not only one but two seperate sculptures that look eye catching and are made from recycled items.
Well done, your environment thanks you!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Radical Recyclers

The radical Recyclers are up and running!!!
These are the students who will be making sure our school paper bins are emptied regularly and that the waste is going in the right place.

 Radical Recycler
Sophie Willis
A block
D1 and D2
E4, E6 and E7
Charlotte Sumner
E1 E2 and E5
E1 E2 and E5
E4, E6 and E7
C Block
B1 B2 and B6
B3 B4 and B5
Prep, Meeting room and Art room
G block
A Block
G Block